4 big benefits you’ll get when you follow BlackBridge Investments on Twitter

Here at BlackBridge Investments, we’re expanding our presence on social media because we believe that social media offers big opportunities to advance the plastic scrap recycling and trading industries. If you follow BlackBridge Investments on Twitter, you’ll get access to our latest thinking on industry trends, market shifts, pricing and thought leadership from the plastic scrap recycling business.

We want to become a “must-follow” destination on Twitter for anyone in the plastic scrap recycling and trading industries. Here are a few examples of what we’re hoping to accomplish with our Twitter activity, and what you can expect to get if you follow us on Twitter:

  • Industry news and trends: We’re going to keep a finger on the pulse of the scrap plastic recycling business. We believe in using Twitter to share the most up-to-the-minute, relevant news that affects our industry, but also in using our discretion to filter through the clutter and give you only the stories that we believe are most useful, noteworthy and worth sharing. BlackBridge Investments on Twitter can serve in part as your daily “news editor,” curating the must-see news and announcements that might affect your business.
  • Pricing and market opportunities: Plastic scrap prices, like those of other commodities, can change fast, and for numerous reasons beyond anyone’s control. We’ll share the latest trends and business intelligence on what’s driving the latest shifts in plastic scrap prices. If people are looking to buy plastic scrap, you can contact us directly on Twitter and we’ll respond immediately. If suppliers are looking to sell scrap plastic, you can connect with us on Twitter. One of the most promising aspects of social media for the commodities trading business is that it provides worldwide connectivity and transparency so that scrap plastic buyers and sellers can find each other, build a relationship and potentially close a deal.
  • Thought leadership: Our goal at BlackBridge Investments is to be more than “just” plastic scrap brokers and traders – we want to be thought leaders and innovators to help move the scrap plastic recycling industry forward.  On Twitter, we’ll be sharing our latest thinking from the BlackBridge Investments blog, along with other insights and ideas from inspiring thinkers in the plastic recycling industry and beyond.Instant conversation: Social media is not a monologue, it’s a dialogue – so please feel free to talk with us! We are constantly available to connect with potential customers, suppliers and trading partners via Twitter. If you like what you see from us, let us know. If you have ideas to share, pass them along. If you disagree with our diagnosis of an industry trend, feel free to tell us what we’re missing. Our goal of being active on Twitter is to create a more engaged, interactive and collegial community of plastic scrap industry professionals, on both sides of the buyer/seller transaction.

Ready to start the conversation? Follow BlackBridge Investments on Twitter. We hope to talk with you sometime soon!

P.S. Are there any topics that we haven’t mentioned that you would love to hear from us on Twitter? What kind of information/analysis/insight can we offer to you that would be beneficial to your business?