4 Undeniable Reasons Why Social Media Matters for the Plastic Scrap Industry

Here at BlackBridge Investments, we are trying to embrace some new ways of doing business in the scrap plastic recycling industry, and one of the big opportunities that we see for our industry is social media. If your plastic recycling company doesn’t have a presence in social media, you’re missing out on a chance to create value for your customers, your company and for our industry as a whole.

By being active on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, we believe that scrap plastic traders, brokers and plastic recycling companies can do a lot to share knowledge, gain new insights, attain up-to-the-minute business intelligence, increase industry expertise and understanding, create conversations with colleagues, build trust, and increase their visibility as thought leaders.

Here are several reasons why BlackBridge Investments believes in the power of social media to improve the efficiency and profitability of the scrap plastic recycling industry:

  • Share knowledge: Every week on our website, we post a new blog article sharing our latest thoughts and insights on industry trends and best practices. Social media enables us to carry this conversation forward and share what we know with others – and hopefully learn from others as well.
  • Gain insights and market intelligence: Twitter is like a 24-7 business networking function, where you can quickly see what is on the minds of people in the scrap plastic industry, and keep a finger on the pulse of the domestic and global markets for scrap plastic. You can see who’s buying and who’s selling, you can see the latest announcements and questions and conversations from your trading partners, suppliers and customers. Social media gives us an “ambient awareness” of what’s going on with other people in the scrap plastic trade.
  • Put a human face on your company: BlackBridge Investments is building on our presence on social networks (Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn) to be a more transparent company that has a more human face to it. As scrap plastic traders, our entire business is built on relationships, so we are making it so our brand and personality and voice can be found in any social media channel that our customers are on. Being active on social media can give your customers and partners a more authentic understanding of what you’re about as a company.
  • Innovate: There are big opportunities for the scrap plastic industry and other traders and brokers to do things differently by using social media. We believe that especially as more scrap plastic companies get involved on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, there will be opportunities to get up-to-the-minute price quotes, quickly source material, quickly identify new potential trading partners, and create a more responsive, efficient trading mechanism. We want to use social networking not only for the benefit of our own company, but also to help advance the entire plastic scrap industry and perhaps trading and brokering overall.

These are a few reasons why BlackBridge Investments is betting on social media as a way to grow our business and build stronger relationships with customers. We’re going to keep adding to our social media presence as time goes on, so if any of our readers have suggestions or special requests for what you’d like to see from our social media communication, please contact us and let us know!

Have you been thinking about getting your scrap plastic company involved with social media, but haven’t taken the leap? Connect with us! BlackBridge Investments is active on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn