4 Ways to help your business by hanging out with BlackBridge Investments on Facebook

BlackBridge Investments is undertaking a big expansion of our social media presence – this is going to be a major focus of our marketing efforts. Why? Because we believe social media is one of the best and most cost-effective ways to bring a new level of innovation to the plastic scrap industry. Not only that, but social media is fun. It’s creative, it’s ever-changing, and it gives us a chance to put a human face on our companies.

With that in mind, the BlackBridge Investments Facebook page is going to be seeing a big expansion of activity in the next few weeks and months. We want to become a “must-visit” destination for people in the scrap plastic industry. Maybe you’re skeptical about social media, maybe you want to avoid wasting time. But here are a few reasons why your business will benefit from hanging out with us on Facebook:

  • Industry news and trends: Just like our daily updates on Twitter, Facebook is an ideal way for you to get the latest news and announcements that are affecting the scrap plastic recycling industry. But more than just dry, technical economic news and market reports, we see Facebook as a way to share more of the interesting, entertaining, fun stories that make our industry so unique.
  • cHuman interest stories: Just like some of the most effective news stories are the ones that introduce you to the human stories behind the headlines, we want to use Facebook to give our readers and customers some unique, fun, even entertaining insights into the business of scrap plastic trading. We hope to spotlight some of our trading partners and share success stories along the way. Whether it’s a colorful infographic, photos of material, or short YouTube videos of us discussing industry trends and daily operational best practices, anyone who follows us on Facebook will get an immersive, colorful and memorable learning experience.
  • Thought leadership: One of our highest ambitions in our online marketing and social media work is for BlackBridge Investments to develop a reputation as thought leaders and innovators who are advancing the plastic scrap recycling business. On Facebook you can read our latest announcements and updates from the BlackBridge Investments blog, along with other motivating and educational articles, ideas and insights from business leaders and innovators who have inspired us.
  • Instant connections: Our goal with Facebook is to serve as a helpful, insightful and encouraging conversation partner that people in the plastic scrap industry can feel comfortable reaching out to for advice and assistance. Facebook can be a powerful tool for businesses because it enables us to quickly get acquainted, share information, focus on areas of common interest, and build trust. We hope that by following us on Facebook, you’ll potentially meet other people in the scrap plastic industry who can be helpful to your business. And hopefully BlackBridge Investments can be one of those helpful new connections!

Ready to start the conversation? Follow BlackBridge Investments on Facebook. We hope to connect with you sometime soon!

P.S. Are there any topics that we haven’t mentioned that you would love to hear about from us on Facebook? What kind of information/analysis/insight can we offer to you that would be beneficial to your business?