Driven by innovation

Creating a new standard for the recycling industry

BlackBridge Investments is driving innovation in the recycling industry with transparency, advanced technology and responsive service.

What is BlackBridge?

We are a Recycling Brokerage with a unique focus Change the way our industry works

We are generating new efficiencies, cost savings and opportunities that allow us to open up exciting new possibilities for our trading partners and for our entire industry. Our business is built on advanced technology, including proprietary systems, dynamic thinking, exceptional transparency and responsive service. We build relationships for the long haul, based on mutual trust, fast problem solving, and tech-driven innovation.

When you work with BlackBridge, you get access to our expanding team of quick-thinking trading experts that each come with an extensive network of relationships. Our goal is to keep costs low so we can offer our partners the best pricing. Our deep commitment to transparency and quality assurance make sure that you get what you pay for, every time.

Our Story

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BlackBridge Investments was founded by Jason Stephens and Vincent Fabrico, two college friends who met in 2001 when they were both freshmen at Quinnipiac University.

In 2011, after several years in corporate America , both Vincent and Jason decided to start their own company. They had spent many hours over the years talking about “big ideas” for what they would do differently if they owned their own company. They appreciated the experience they had gained at our corporate jobs, but they believed that they could be even more successful if they were working together and running their own company.

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Ultimately, they shared a vision of using productivity and technology to push the boundaries and rethink the possibilities of markets that seemed “safe,” stable, or even “stale.”

They see big opportunities to bring new innovation to the recycling market. They believe that modern technology could be a differentiator for a new kind of recycling brokerage that was willing to innovate and work with a higher level of transparency, agility and responsiveness. So they decided to focus their efforts there. They believed that the recycling industry was ripe for innovation.

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Vincent and Jason put in $500 each to start the new company, and on January 6, 2011, BlackBridge Investments was formed.

During the past several years, BlackBridge has established a reputation as the dominant force in the recycling industry. We work with the largest companies, we are expanding into new verticals and moving millions of pounds of scrap, and we use sophisticated technology to find new ways of saving money and passing the savings on to our customers. And all along, we’ve stayed true to the foundation we established back in 2001 when two college friends met for the first time and started talking about big ideas and dreams for the future.

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