What products can be made from recycled HDPE plastic?

High density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic is labeled as #2 plastic for recycling purposes and is one of the most commonly used plastics in the U.S. Because this plastic is so strong, durable and easy to recycle, it is an ideal material to use in making plastic lumber and plastic furniture.

Here are some of the products made from recycled HDPE plastic:

  • Park furniture: Perennial Park Products® is a company based in Chicago that makes plastic outdoor park furniture like picnic tables and park benches. These outdoor plastic furniture pieces are perfect for parks because the recycled HDPE plastic material is sturdy and tough – and as we all know, park and playground furniture needs to be able to take some abuse from all the kids climbing on it. HDPE plastic scrap can be used to make plastic furniture of all shapes and sizes, from 4-foot picnic tables to 12-foot table and bench combinations. Park benches and durable outdoor trash receptacles are also among the options for the furniture and useful objects that can be made from recycled HDPE plastic. Another advantage of using HDPE recycled plastic to make park furniture is that it is resistant to graffiti since the plastic cannot easily be painted or stained. Most outdoor furniture made from HDPE scrap plastic can be expected to last for up to 50 years, with no rotting, fading or damage.
  • Lawn chairs: Poly-Wood® is a manufacturer of outdoor furniture that uses plastic lumber made from recycled plastic HDPE. This type of scrap plastic is especially well-suited to making outdoor furniture, because HDPE is strongly resistant to weather, heat and cold. wd my cloud . Outdoor furniture made from HDPE is exceptionally durable and comfortable, and can be made in the same classic, stylish designs (such as Adirondack chairs and others) that might be expected from traditional materials. You can be sitting on a really great looking piece of furniture, and you might never know that it was made from HDPE plastic scrap.
  • HDPE plastic decking: If you’ve ever built an outdoor deck, porch or patio out of wood, you know how hard it can be to prevent damage caused by rain, sun and the other elements. Today, HDPE plastic decking made from recycled HDPE plastic is an increasingly popular option. These long planks of sturdy HDPE recycled plastic are weather-resistant and highly durable, and are available in a variety of shapes, colors and profiles. Instead of breaking out the water seal every fall, more people are choosing to build decks and porches out of long-lasting plastic decking made from HDPE scrap plastic.

BlackBridge Investments buys and sells HDPE plastic scrap to supply companies that make new products from this recyclable plastic material. There is growing demand for plastic furniture made of HDPE recycled plastic, in large part because of rising oil prices. When oil prices go up, the cost of virgin plastic rises as well, which makes recycled plastic a more appealing option for various products.

Also, city governments, school boards and other buyers of large quantities of outdoor furniture are increasingly cost-conscious and looking to get the best value for the money. If you’re a cash-strapped school district or local city government trying to outfit a park or playground, why buy wooden furniture that might fade, rot or break when you can buy low-maintenance, indestructible HDPE recycled plastic furniture that will last for 50 years?

Have you ever seen or sat on outdoor furniture made from HDPE plastic scrap? What did you think?