Recycling Services

Working with BlackBridge Investments

The plastics recycling market is full of a wide range of companies and independent brokers. How do you know who to trust? Sometimes buyers encounter disreputable firms or bad actors who fail to keep their promises, or who deliver incomplete orders or shoddy material.

The biggest advantage of working with BlackBridge Investments to buy and sell recycled plastic is that we take the worries and the work off of your to-do list. Prices of recycled plastic go up and down depending on a number of factors. Companies can trust us to keep our finger on the pulse of the market so that they don’t have to. They rely on us to give them the best price available and ship the materials at the best possible speed and shipping cost.

We offer a more sophisticated package of services than most of our competitors in the plastic recycling trade. We can serve as an outsourced sales force for recycled plastic sellers, or offer supply chain consulting and recycled plastic procurement expertise for companies looking to buy scrap plastic on a reliable, ongoing basis. We bring to bear some advanced technology and tools to make the whole process of buying and selling recycled plastic as efficient as possible. We develop custom programs and packages to suit the unique needs of any recycled plastic buyer or seller.