One of the most common types of recycled plastic that we buy is Polystyrene, from which disposable containers, plates, cups and packaging are made.

Talk to BlackBridge Investments today and we’ll give you a price quote if you want to buy Polystyrene recycled plastic materials.

Or if you have polystyrene that is off-spec or overrun and needs to be sold, ask us for a price quote.

  • How to onboard new hires

    BlackBridge took big step earlier this month when we hired our first full time employee, Vinny Licari. Vinny joined us from the same alma mater that Vince Fabrico and I graduated from, Quinnipiac University. We’re very excited to have our new hire join the company, and one thing’s for sure: I learned more lessons in the last four weeks on how to train and onboard new hires – and about managing a business – than I have since I co-founded BlackBridge five years ago. They say that you never really “know” something until you try to teach it to someone else, and this is especially true when you’re trying to…

  • How do you set yourself apart from the competition?

    When we formed BlackBridge Investments in January of 2011, we set out to do great things. Our goals for our company were to invest in the lives of ourselves and our families, invest in the recycling industry, and invest in innovative technology to create a competitive advantage for our company in the market and provide the best customer service possible. Simply put, BlackBridge prides itself on striving to do things really well – and our goal is to distinguish ourselves from the competition just by the higher-level way in which we do business and get deals done for our clients and trading partners. Here are a few of those areas…