Low density polyethylene (LDPE) is a flexible, strong and versatile plastic that is used to make many products. LDPE scrap plastic bears the recycling label of #4 plastic, a readily recyclable plastic in many communities.

BlackBridge Investments buys LDPE scrap plastic, including LDPE film scrap, and sells it to end users who use it to make grocery bags, food wraps, squeezable bottles, containers, bread bags and other consumer items. LDPE has been in existence since 1933, and although there are more modern polymers now competing on the market, we continue to see strong demand for LDPE scrap plastic from various sources in the LDPE recycling markets.

  • Why it pays to be responsive in scrap plastic trading

    Scrap plastic trading is a time-sensitive business – every deal can get done (or fall apart) based on both counterparties’ deadlines and timelines. Shipping costs and freight costs can fluctuate day-by-day or even hour-by-hour. The price of materials changes constantly due to shifts in global markets and the ebb and flow of demand. This means that in scrap plastic trading, time is of the essence! If you’re not moving quickly and being responsive to your customers to help get deals done, your competitors are going to beat you to it! One of the biggest things we’ve noticed from our time in the scrap plastic trading business is the importance of…

  • Build your scrap plastic business by broadening your client base

    One of the first lessons of investing or saving for retirement is to “diversify, diversify, diversify.” If you have a well-balanced blend of stocks, bonds and other investments, you’ll be better positioned to see your investment portfolio grow over the long-term. Another concept of diversification is “biodiversity,” where gardens and natural ecosystems tend to do better and stay healthier when they have a good mix of lots of different plants and animals and insects – greater diversity tends to make systems stronger because there are more types of living things contributing to the strength of the whole. In the same way, every scrap plastic trading firm needs to strengthen the…